Sherry Hart Houston lives in Virginia with her husband, David. Together, they have four amazing young adults. Her debut novel, “The Joy Journey” was released in May 2017.

Hey there! Welcome to my blog – an online forum for people who just want to connect.  I looked all over the blogosphere and saw so many catchy titles and kept thinking how I wish I had thought of them first.  Then it hit me; this blog will simply be conversation starters.  Just me sharing my thoughts and wondering about yours so why not name it just that; Sherry Hart Houston. Madonna and Prince became world-famous using just their first names and I have three so Sherry Hart Houston it is.


For reasons other than perhaps I’m a good listener, people have always shared their stories with me and I’ve always been interested in theirs.  Not everyone has a large, gather-in-the-kitchen type of family or a bunch friends.  There are people who truly are all alone in this world.  Then there are others who just like to have a good thought-provoking debate. So, I decided to combine my love of writing with my love of great conversations and start a blog.


Now here’s my disclaimer: you won’t read any eye-opening secrets, nor do I have the meaning of life to share with you.  I can’t tell you how to style your hair, make money, or find the love of your life. Nope, next blog.  What you will find is a new topic of discussion every Sunday in the form of the Question of the Week. You may agree, you may disagree but at least you’ll ask yourself the question.  So join me for the ride.  You never know where a good conversation will take you.…

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